Does It Sound Right?

I can’t hear myself,
I can’t hear anyone else..
I’m too loud,
You’re not loud enough, turn up.
Is it the room, is it me, is it where I’m standing, or how bout, is it where you’re standing?
Do I trust the outsiders?
There’s a whole lot of questions and not a lot of answers.
There’s individual perception..isn’t that all that matters?
There I go again, thinking my experience is your experience,
Rare is the occasion on which we all align, living for these moments,
Learning to live without them,
And can somebody please answer the goddamn question,
Does it sound right?


Flip Books, Video Flyers, and Bears, Oh My!

Hello again, and yes, it has been a while. We have had a bad case of self-
inflicted busyness as of the last few months but the fruits of our efforts are all
about to start coming to fruition. We will soon be releasing our first music
video for our song “Press Play” off our self-titled EP. We can’t wait for this
one as it was written and directed by our very own Noah Alexander and shot and edited
by our great friend and talent Daley Hake. We will also be releasing a couple of
new tracks as a prelude to our next ep. We are concluding the mixing process
this week and then should ideally have everything mastered and ready for release
within the next couple of weeks. We have been recording and mixing again with
engineer/producer John Rausch and everything is sounding so good. We’re very excited
to get them finished up so all of you can get a listen. In the meantime, here
are some of our most recent flip books, video flyers, and miscellaneous outings.
We’ll be sure to let everyone know when everything is ready to go!


All Of Us, Together

We are not rich, we are not poor,
We don’t have a lot of money, but we have enough.
One day we will all have a sad laugh at the dollar,
How it used to make us so evil towards one another.
How it used to allow us to be manipulated around every billboard covered corner
And turned us into everything we had never hoped to be,
Even when we swore we were not.
Longing for the days when we had more soul.
We are soul ya know, level, balanced, love personified,
It’s not just the child in us, it’s the adult in us too.
Recollect, connect, repeat. What is this about?
All of us,


End Of Summer Love





In the middle, comparable to humans, the Earth was large,
the fornia was Cali, and the Park was Echo. There is something really
great about summer’s end shows. Cold beer, loud sounds, and lots of evening heat.
If I’ve broken a sweat before finishing loading gear into my car, I
feel elastic and free, ready. I tend to dig the loading process, it’s awkward
and dirty, a total pain in the ass, but it makes for a good stretch and
an even better toughening before playing. We played Lot 1 Cafe, a little spot
in the middle of Echo Park with plenty of foot traffic and a couple nice
beers on tap. There’s the cafe side and the stage side, equally small
in size. Four grown men do not belong this sweaty and cramped next to one
another..good thing we practice being sweaty and cramped next to one another
by catching a regular steam room at the local Y. Bands that steam together,
stay together. The PA was one speaker and a small mixer so we quickly decided
to drop the laptop and keyboard from the set. After the first band finished
their set we started loading in. We played with some lovable lullabies named
Family Hahas,and some happy heart attacks that go by The Knitts. We still
aren’t sure how we sounded to the crowd..they seemed into it but maybe
it was just our high quality instrumental miming that had everyone vibing
throughout the set. Either way it’s all just part of the dream, waking or
otherwise, and we’re glad to be a part of it all. Thanks to everyone who came
out to hang and to Shab at Beating Lights for the gig.

More Show Pics @ Beating Lights


Curbside Improv

blur_ladyproj pow_batlap_projgernoah_raycircles between_the_eyes

After Ray mentioned we should start recording video in random places
it occurred to us, this is probably a good idea. I had heard of there
being something you could hook up to the cigarette lighter of a car to power
devices, such as a laptop and a projector, and so decided to cyber travel by
way of google power for some answers. After a few moments I learned the
“something” is called a power inverter, and it actually needs to be connected
to the battery of the car to draw enough power to run a projector and
laptop. Ten articles later I came to the conclusion we would require
somewhere around 800W(watts) of continuous power. I did the foot work on
the web to find my best options and then ended up grabbing what was
available locally about four hours before we would meet to scout out
some locations to do some curbside improv. On one of the hottest nights this
summer, Morgan was in Alaska exploring glaciers and dressed for fall in
beanie caps and hoodies. Noah showed up ready, camera gear in tow.
Ray showed up a few minutes late with plans of cutting open glow sticks
and splattering their contents all over whatever spot we decided to film.
He also came equipped with a couple of good films for projection. I had
Koyaanisqatsi on my laptop as a failsafe but we decided to go with Metropolis,
a silent 1927 German expressionist epic science-fiction drama film directed
by Fritz Lang. Wikipedia lended a little help on the Metropolis summation #plagiarism.
Both of these are really great and if you get the chance are worth a
look see. We tested out the glow stick idea in the parking lot of our
rehearsal space only to find we would require considerably more glow sticks
to create visibility while projecting. We’ll have to save that one for another
effort. Having no idea if the inverter would even work, we hopped in my
truck and headed out to find a good location with minimal traffic and a
quality backdrop for the projection. Eventually, we refound(is that
even a word?), the spot we had taken a press photo at for our previous
incarnation, Atlantic Line. I guess if a spot is good, it can stay good,
deep in the streets of Los Angeles.


This Isn’t Coffee

Humans in suits.
Business kid, business man, business woman, business people.
Have you seen the business kids? Start’em young.
To have or to have not?
As the reggae man once called me, bumbaclot.
Suit pressed, well dressed, would you like to invest?
A sum daze through Sunday, keep counting..
American mind, American grind, unfortunately,
This isn’t coffee.